What’s Recyclable?

Mr. Trashman is a reliable recycling service provider in Massachusetts. We believe in employing the latest cost cutting trends in the sanitation and recycling business in Massachusetts. This is why we offer single stream recycling for all of our customers. It saves time and the hassle of separating recyclables. We ensure effective and affordable recycling services in Massachusetts.

Single Stream recycling is an innovative system, where all recyclable materials such as newspaper, catalogs, junk mail, fiber and glass, steel, aluminum and plastic containers are placed unarranged in one recycling bin and sorted by state-of-the-art processing equipment at a particular recycling center. This method is one of most convenient and effective way of recycling. Being a leading plastic recycling in Massachusetts, we provide best and safe recycling services using single stream recycling process.


  • It is a constructive and convenient process.
  • It increases the participation of residents and recycling rate.
  • It reduces trashes and wastes to great extent.
  • Automated collection offers efficient routes and minimizes fuel consumption.