Meet Mrs. Trashman

They say “behind every great man is a great woman” and we’d like to think Mr. Trashman (who has 4 sisters) agrees.  After 2.5 years of running Mr. Trashman, we decided it was time to introduce you to the woman behind Patrick, his wife of a little over 14 months, Michelle.

Patrick takes a lot of pride in operating a locally owned, family run business, and you may have noticed that sometimes Michelle calls or sends emails or updates our social media.  We wanted you to know she’s not a new employee but instead, family.

Michelle is originally from upstate NY, but has made the Boston area her home for the past 13 years.  She works full time as an Executive Assistant at one of the area’s top technology firms (of which the CEO and COO are both Mr. Trashman customers – thank you!) but helps Mr. Trashman out on weekends, holidays, and lunch breaks when she can.  Michelle is a proud University of Dayton graduate and, when not busy at work, enjoys volunteering for her alma matter.

While now entering the next stage of life – parenthood – Michelle will be home on maternity leave for the next few months and may be more visible than before.  She and Patrick want you to know they are aligned in their goal of providing the best service possible to their neighbors and surrounding towns while becoming more and more involved in the communities they serve.

Check out social media soon when Mr. & Mrs. Trashman are ready to announce more information about their newest little helper – a healthy baby boy!  Until then, thank you for your continued business and trust, and for making our family run business a part of your family.

Recycling Contamination Is Real, And We Need Your Help

As you’ve probably heard by now (from us, in the news, talking with friends), there’s a bit of a crisis in the recycling industry.

We need your help!  We’re sharing this recent letter from our recycling facility, E.L. Harvey, in Westboro, to help keep full transparency:


The cost of recycling has already jumped above our disposal cost for trash, and E.L. Harvey has notified us that they will be assessing contamination charges if our customers do not keep their recycling clean.

Do your part to follow the above Recycling DO’s and DON’Ts to help keep our recycling as clean as possible so your contaminated recycling doesn’t make everyone else’s end up in the trash!

Remember – When in Doubt, Leave it Out!

Thank you for being valued customers and helping us tackle this recycling crisis!

not in the bin

Important Billing Changes Affecting Our Customers

No one likes change, but change is coming in order to provide you, our customers, a better experience and continue efficient operations of Mr. Trashman. There are two major changes:

  1. We are introducing a new billing system – We won’t bore you with the details, but this will allow you an online payment portal and allow us to provide better tracking, managing, and customer service. This affected our annual customers this month (March) and will affect all other customers on our June billing cycle.

We ask that you:

a). Add to your safe senders list as this is who your invoices will come from.

b). Be aware that TrashBilling will charge a 3% credit card processing fee. This is quite standard and can be avoided completely in two ways:

i. Pay online with your bank account information instead of a credit card.

ii. Mail a check to:

Mr. Trashman
100 Powdermill Rd, Suite 248
Acton, MA 01720

It may not seem like much, but as a small business, the fee we’re charged on credit card transactions costs us over $20,000 dollars per year – money we could be reinvesting into staff and new equipment to better serve our customers.

c). If you are currently OR want to become an Automatic Billing customer, you will need to set this up online through TrashBilling. You will be invoiced in June 2018 and all current credit card information that we have on file will be DELETED. Please see instructions below. April 1 payments will be processed as normal.

2.  As of April 1, 2018 our rates are increasing $1/month. We have not increased payments in the 2+ years that we have owned Mr. Trashman while disposal and operating costs have continued to climb. We take pride in not adding ANY additional fees or swapping low intro rates for prices that increase in 6-12 months, and we are hopeful that you support our full disclosure pricing and plan. Coupling this small increase with the credit card processing fee will allow us to continue to operate efficiently and effectively. We hope you understand.

While change is uncomfortable, we hope implementing both at once will help minimize frustration. As always, call (508-278-6910) or email ( with any questions, suggestions, and feedback you may have. We appreciate your continued business and support as we strive to be the best locally owned and operated option for your trash and recycling needs.

To check out our new online payment portal and instructions on how to get set up, click here.

Important Recycling Information

We wanted to share an article from USA Today featuring our recycling facility, E.L. Harvey & Sons in Westborough, to help educate our customers about a growing crisis in the waste services industry affecting recycling programs across the US.  In the past, Mr. Trashman has allowed extra recyclables outside of what fits in your toter, but you may see we have to start limiting how much recycling we are able to collect each week since our recycling costs have now reached levels comparable to trash.

Want to know what you can do to help? This article has 4 easy tips for how you can help reduce the items you put out and the contamination they cause. We also encourage you to review the What’s Recyclable? page on our website to find out what should/should not be recycled in your curbside toter.

Mountains of U.S. recycling pile up as China restricts imports

After you collect your cans, bottles and paper, then put them out by the curb, do you ever think about where everything goes after the truck picks things up? Largely, it goes to China.

Every day, nearly 4,000 shipping containers full of recyclables leave U.S. ports bound for China. China sends the U.S. toys, clothes and electronics; in return, some of America’s largest exports back are paper, plastic and aluminum.

But that equation is changing as of Jan. 1 — China is enforcing its new “National Sword” policy, which bans 24 types of solid waste, including various plastics and unsorted mixed papers, and sets a much tougher standard for contamination levels.

China notified the World Trade Organization about the ban in July, essentially saying the country would no longer act as the world’s trash dump. Currently, China consumes 55% of the world’s scrap paper and is a major destination for other recyclables.

The National Sword policy follows China’s “Green Fence,” a 10-month policy the country enacted five years ago, which set initial standards for lower contamination levels for recycling.

The ban will undoubtedly hurt recycling operators in China that rely on the import of raw materials. But delivering a cleaner China is paramount for Communist Party politicians.

The National Sword is also already being felt throughout the U.S. About a 45-minute drive west of Boston in the city of Westborough, Massachusetts, bales of paper are stacking up in a parking lot.

“We’re looking at 150 to 200 tractor trailer loads of paper. It’s stacked approximately 12 feet high, and it goes for quite a distance,” says Ben Harvey, president of E.L. Harvey & Sons, a family-run business since 1911.

To be clear: This situation is not normal.

“No, our business is to bring it in, process it and move it out as quickly as we can,” says Harvey.

Harvey can’t sell the 2,000-pound bales to China because the contamination levels — the trash that’s accidentally mixed in, something like the remnants of a greasy pizza box that gets thrown in with the recycling — almost certainly exceed China’s rigorous new standards. If he had continued putting bales on ships a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t have reached China until the ban would’ve already been in effect on Jan. 1.

Harvey is hoping that China and the U.S. can work out a deal or he can find other processing mills in Vietnam or Thailand. Selling the material in the U.S. simply isn’t an option.

“Because everything was going offshore, the mills have been slow to develop in the United States to handle this material,” Harvey says. “With the tightness in the marketplace, there might be mills that will be built, but that takes four to five to six years to put in a mill that will handle the capacity that we’re currently looking at.”

In the meantime, he’s growing increasingly concerned as the bales of paper take over more and more of his parking lot.

“If this stuff doesn’t move, and we don’t know what to do with it, we can’t keep it forever,” he says. “At some point, it’s going to start to degrade. The other thing that could happen is that if we can’t find outlets — and I’m not talking about just E.L. Harvey & Sons, I’m talking about the industry as a whole — we’re going to stop bringing material into our facilities. And that’s going to impact recycling programs throughout the country.”

In other words, trucks could stop collecting our curbside recycling.

Read the full article in USA Today.

2018 New Years Holiday Service Schedule

New Year’s Day (Monday, January 1st) is a holiday observed by Mr. Trashman.  All routes will be one day behind for the remainder of the week.  See below:

  • Regular Monday pickups will be collected on Tuesday
  • Regular Tuesday pickups will be collected on Wednesday
  • Regular Wednesday pickups will be collected on Thursday
  • Regular Thursday pickups will be collected on Friday
  • Regular Friday pickups will be collected on Saturday

Don’t forget to place your wrapping paper in your recycling toter and either tie cardboard in a bundle or break down and fold all cardboard into one larger cardboard box to make eat easier for us to haul away!

As a reminder, Mr. Trashman does NOT provide a Christmas tree pickup and disposal service.  To help, we’ve posted some information on our blog for how you can dispose of your tree.

The 2018 holiday service schedule is now available on our website. Take a look and plan ahead for the coming year.

Happy New Year and thanks for a great 2017!

Holiday Tree Disposal Help

The holidays are upon us and many of our homes are adorned with real, beautiful Christmas trees. They bring joy, and hold years of ornaments and memories… then ultimately leave a path of needles and mess that we want out of the house as soon as the calendar has turned.


Since Mr. Trashman does NOT provide a Christmas tree pickup and disposal service, we wanted to direct you to some ideas of what to do with your tree this year:

For residents in –

  • Stow: Boy Scout Troop 1
    • Christmas tree pickup is $10 per tree and checks made payable to Troop 1 Stow can be mailed to Troop 1 Stow, PO Box 75, Stow, MA 01775. Please make your tree pickup reservation by January 3. Put trees at the end of your driveway starting 1/12/18. Please contact us by phone at 978-212-9175 or by email at
  • Southborough: Boy Scouts
    • Any Southboro customers who would like their tree picked up this year must email or call 508-330-2361. The cost is $10 per tree.  Email or phone message must include: Name, Phone Number, and Address.  Requests will be taken until 8PM the day before pickup. Pickup this year will be on Saturday, January 6th, 2018. The service is free for Veterans, Police/Fire Personnel and Seniors.

Don’t forget to place your wrapping paper in your recycling toter and either tie cardboard in a bundle or break down and fold all cardboard into one larger cardboard box to make eat easier for us to haul away!

How to Reach & Hear from Us!

As many of you know, we physically relocated our trucks to Acton, MA on April 1 when we took ownership of Mr. Trashman. We truly wanted to be the locally owned and operated business, and in the coming months and years we hope to become more and more involved in the communities we serve and will look to you, our customers, for ideas on where we can best help.

If you have not done so already, please update all of our contact information as our address and email have changed. Our phone number remains the same.


Please add this email address to your safe senders list as this is where all newsletters and billing information will be sent from. Bills are emailed electronically June 8-10 for this upcoming quarter … if you do not see it, please check your spam. To ensure delivery of our emails, we encourage you to add as one of your email contacts. Email also the best way to contact Patrick with a question as he is out driving your trucks doing pick-ups daily, M-F.

We also sent an email before the Memorial Day holiday with delayed pick-up information. If you did not see it, check your spam and again, add us to your safe senders list.

Mailing address:                100 Powdermill Road, Suite 248, Acton, MA 01720

Note, this is a UPS store in front of where the trucks are housed in an industrial park on Knox Trail.

Phone:                                     508-278-6910

Lastly, please check our our social media pages. All last minute news as well as general company and trash information will be posted here, so please like, follow, and share!                  

How Do I Pay?

With the purchase of Mr. Trashman on April 1, 2016 came the task of getting all current customers billing information. This was no easy feat. For your security and safety, credit card information was not transferred at the time of sale and we appreciate your patience as we get everyone up to date.

First and foremost, we need all customers to update any automatic payments they may have set up through their bank to our new business address:

100 Powdermill Road, Suite 248
Acton, MA 01720.

Any payments sent to the old NH address after June 1, 2016 will not be honored and it will be the customer’s responsibility to make correct payment.

It is our goal to get all customers on our e-invoicing system as that is the quickest and easiest way to get your bill to you. It also provides a link for you to pay online securely and immediately. To see how this works, click here. Prefer not to have to remember to pay? We can charge your card automatically each quarter with your permission. Simply fill out this form and email or mail it back to us.

All customers are billed on a quarterly basis unless you have paid for your service annually.

To pay annually, please email us. If you are not on our e-invoicing system, a physical bill will be mailed to you at your current service address approximately 2 weeks before the start of the next quarter. E-invoices will be sent during the same time frame. For example, bills for July, August, and September will be sent between June 7 and 15 and due June 30th. Paying your bill on time will avoid any lapse in service.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us anytime or call during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.

New Ownership, Same Great Service

We’re excited to announce that Mr. Trashman has recently come under new ownership!

Meet your new trashman:

Patrick Norris started as a driver for Waste Management in 2008 in the City of Boston before working as an Operations Manager for Sunrise Scavenger for the past 6 years.  The employees and vehicles he oversaw served four separate municipalities to collect trash and recycling for an estimated 354,000 residents on a weekly basis.

Patrick earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2004 from Lasalle University.  Prior to his experience in the waste management industry, Patrick served in the United States Marine Corps from 2004-2008 as an infantryman who did two deployments in Iraq.

Owning his own company has been a dream of Patrick’s and he is excited to put his experience and enthusiasm to work for all of Mr. Trashman’s customers, old and new.

If you see Patrick out on his routes, be sure to say hi!