Holiday Tree Disposal Help

The holidays are upon us and many of our homes are adorned with real, beautiful Christmas trees. They bring joy, and hold years of ornaments and memories… then ultimately leave a path of needles and mess that we want out of the house as soon as the calendar has turned.


Since Mr. Trashman does NOT provide a Christmas tree pickup and disposal service, we wanted to direct you to some ideas of what to do with your tree this year:

For residents in –

  • Stow: Boy Scout Troop 1
    • Christmas tree pickup is $10 per tree and checks made payable to Troop 1 Stow can be mailed to Troop 1 Stow, PO Box 75, Stow, MA 01775. Please make your tree pickup reservation by January 3. Put trees at the end of your driveway starting 1/12/18. Please contact us by phone at 978-212-9175 or by email at
  • Southborough: Boy Scouts
    • Any Southboro customers who would like their tree picked up this year must email or call 508-330-2361. The cost is $10 per tree.  Email or phone message must include: Name, Phone Number, and Address.  Requests will be taken until 8PM the day before pickup. Pickup this year will be on Saturday, January 6th, 2018. The service is free for Veterans, Police/Fire Personnel and Seniors.

Don’t forget to place your wrapping paper in your recycling toter and either tie cardboard in a bundle or break down and fold all cardboard into one larger cardboard box to make eat easier for us to haul away!

Labor Day Holiday Service Schedule

As a reminder, Labor Day (Monday, September 4th) is a holiday observed by Mr. Trashman.  See below for your pickup day during the holiday week.

–All service will be delayed by ONE day–

Monday, September 4th pickups moved to:

  • Tuesday, September 5th

Tuesday, September 5th pickups moved to:

  • Wednesday, September 6th

Wednesday, September 6th pickups moved to:

  • Thursday, September 7th

Thursday, September 7th pickups moved to:

  • Friday, September 8th

Friday, September 8th pickups moved to:

  • Saturday, September 9th


Single Stream Recycling Reminder

Memorial Day Holiday Service Schedule

As a reminder, Memorial Day (Monday, May 29th) is a holiday observed by Mr. Trashman and all pickups will be delayed 1 day that week. See below for your pickup day during the holiday week.


Monday routes will be picked up on:

  • Tuesday, May 30

Tuesday routes will be picked up on:

  • Wednesday, May 31

Wednesday routes will be picked up on:

  • Thursday, June 1

Thursday routes will be picked up on:

  • Friday, June 2

Friday routes will be picked up on:

  • Saturday, June 3


Want to stay up to date on which holidays are observed by Mr. Trashman? Remember to check the calendar on our website, follow us on Twitter, and like our page on Facebook for notifications.

Earth Day Recycling Do’s and Don’ts

Our customers are great at recycling, but there are still people who don’t recycle or are confused about how and what can be placed in their recycling barrel. With Earth Day this weekend, we thought we’d share some tips to help you (and the planet!) out.

What is Recyclable?

You can recycle water, soda and juice bottles. Empty the containers and give them a good rinse. Milk and juice jugs, ketchup and salad dressing bottles, and even yogurt and pudding cups can all be recycled.

Most paper is recyclable, including mail, office and school papers, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and phone books. Cardboard and paper packaging can also be recycled, just please break down boxes.

Glass bottles, jars, and metal food and beverage cans are all recyclable. You don’t have to remove labels – just remove the lids and rinse them out. Remember – don’t crush cans before recycling.

What Can’t be Recycled in Your Curbside Bin?

Some items can’t be recycled at home, but other programs accept them. Plastic bags are recyclable, but not in your home bins since they can get tangled in the machinery at recycling facilities. They can be recycled at many retail and grocery stores, usually up front near the checkouts.

The following paper items should also be kept out of your curbside bins: paper plates and cups, paper soiled with food, napkins, and gift-wrap.

Glass items, like drinking glasses, ceramic dishes, vases, windows, and mirrors can’t be recycled. Try to reuse or donate these things to keep them out of the waste stream.

Alternatives for Hazardous Waste

Many items in your home are considered household hazardous waste. They can’t be placed in your home recycling or garbage bin and should be disposed of at other locations.

Some examples are paint and electronics. You may place dried out paint (lid off, completely dry) in your trash, but wet paint cannot be put in your trash.

Electronics cannot be disposed of in your curbside bins, but many retailers (like Best Buy or Staples) will take your electronics for recycling.


Your recyclables should not put out in a tied plastic bag.  Leaving our recyclables loose is the best method but, if they must be in a bag, please leave the bag open so recyclables will easily fall out at the recycling facility.

Have other items you need to dispose of but can’t put them out for Mr. Trashman? Check your town’s website to see if/when they will be holding a Household Hazard Waste Collection Day in your area

Trash/Recycling Collections Delayed 1 Day This Week (March 14-18)

Due to the storm on Tuesday, March 14th and the safety risk to our drivers and community, service was canceled on Tuesday.

This closure will affect customers on our Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday routes.  To make up for our closure on Tuesday, all routes for the remainder of the week will be adjusted by 1 day.  Please see the list below to clarify your pickup date:

  • Normal Tuesday customers will be serviced on Wednesday, March 15th.
  • Normal Wednesday customers will be serviced on Thursday, March 16th.
  • Normal Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday, March 17th.
  • Normal Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday, March 18th.

Customers with a Monday collection will not be affected by our closure.

We appreciate all of your patience and understanding as we deal with the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

An email alert with this information was also sent to customers to notify them on Monday night. Not receiving our emails? Click here to sign up.

Tips for Winter Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling collection is a reality even through the cold winter months. Here are some tips for making the process as painless as possible and minimizing your time out in the cold:

  • Keep Water & Ice Out: Water can pool in tiny crevices within your barrels, and then expand upon freezing, causing cracks and ruptures in the plastic. Water can also attract animals, promoting widespread rotting that makes for a more frustrating (and smelly) trash pickup when the time comes.
  • Secure Against Animals: As the temperatures drop and wild food sources become scarce, hungry animals will often take to scavenging at trash collection spots. It’s not only a mess; it’s a potential safety hazard. Make sure the lids are firmly closed on all barrels to keep wildlife out.
  • Get our Premium, Hands-Off Garage Collection: While we can’t make the need go away, we can make your life a little easier by offering our premium, hands-off service where we pick up your barrels from your garage so you don’t have to drag them to the curb in the cold and snow! Click here to learn more.

NO SERVICE THURSDAY 2/9/17 – Winter Storm

Winter Storm Closure.  On Thursday, February 9th our service area is expecting a winter storm which could bring 12 inches of snow.  Due to the safety risk to our employees and the community of trying to operate in the storm, we are CLOSING on Thursday, February 9th.  Our disposal site has notified us of their closure as well.
Mr. Trashman’s closure will affect customers on our Thursday routes in Stow, as well as our Friday customers in Acton and Boxborough.  To make up for our closure on Thursday, affected routes will be serviced 1 day late.
Normal Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday, February 10th.
Normal Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday, February 11th.
Customers with collection days of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will not be affected by our closure.
We appreciate all of your patience and understanding as we deal with the unpredictability of Mother Nature.