2020 Charity Donation Recipients

Last fall, we asked our customers to nominate local charities that were important to them for us to make donations to as we closed out 2020. We know that many small businesses were hit hard due to the pandemic and that charities will feel the fall out of decreased donations. As trash collection is fairly recession proof, we wanted to help where we could while we had the opportunity to do so.

We received over 20 nominations from over 3 dozen of our customers and chose 12 overall. We focused on duplicate nominations as well as charities that were located in and impacted those directly in the towns we serve while also choosing a couple larger national organizations that assisted our customers directly. We tried to share all on social media but the holidays caught up to us so we wanted to share the full list below:

Acton Community Supper and Food Pantry, Inc

ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter

Stow Food Pantry

Minuteman Senior Services

Stow Community Chest

Household Goods Inc.

Fisher House Foundation

Warrior Foundation Freedom station

Best Buddies of MA

Hudson Community Food Pantry, Inc

Acton-Boxborough United Way

Warm Hearts of Stow

We appreciate all of you who took the time to share your stories and your nominations. Cheers to a happy, healthy 2021.

Christmas Tree Disposal – The 2020 Edition

As a reminder, Mr. Trashman does NOT pick up any yard waste which would include Christmas Trees. As we know this could cause some of you stress, here are some options to help! (Please note, we have no affiliation to any listed below … this is us simply trying to make your life easier :))

Acton: Boy Scout Troop 1 and Troop 284: actonbsa.org – 2021 Holiday Tree Pickup $15 suggested donation. Pick ups on January 9th and 16th. Acton residents only.

Bolton: The Bolton Fire Department will be doing a Christmas Tree pick up January 3 or 9. Suggested donation is $20: Christmas Tree Disposal – Bolton Volunteer Fire Association (boltonquickstep.org)

Boxborough: Boxborough Minutemen will once again be collecting trees on January 9 for $11. You must sign up by January 5: Christmas Tree Pickup — Boxborough Minutemen Company

Concord: Boy Scout Troop 132 is once again working with Catholic Youth Ministry to provide a tree pick up on January 9th for a suggestion donation of $20-$25. Concord residents only. Register here: Christmas Tree Pick Up – Jan 9, 2021 – Concord MA (google.com) OR Drop off at the Concord Tree Composting Site Fridays and Saturdays in early January for free. Information can be found here: Christmas Tree, Styrofoam and Christmas Light Recycling | Concord, MA

Hudson: Boy Scout Troop 2: Christmas Tree Pickup | Troop 2 Hudson, MA (square.site) $10 suggested donation and trees will be picked up on January 2 or 9

Littleton: The Littleton Fire Department will be doing a tree pick up on Saturday, January 3 for a suggested donation of $10. Christmas Tree Pickup Available on Sunday, January 3, 2021 | Littleton MA

Stow: Boy Scout Troop 1: Christmas Tree Pickup (troop1stow.net) $15 suggested donation. Order must be in by January 4 for a pick up between January 15 and 17.

More information will be added if it becomes available … until then – happy holidays!

Christmas Tree Disposal – 2019/20 Edition

One of the biggest questions we get asked around the holidays is “will you pick up my Christmas Tree?”  Unfortunately, due to restrictions at our dumping site, the answer is No, we will not.  Instead we wanted to give you options for disposal and will continue to update this list as more become announced: 

Acton: http://treepickup.blogspot.com/2007/12/this-is-2008-christmas-tree-pickup-for.html?m=1  

Bolton: https://www.boltonquickstep.org/product/christmas-tree-disposal/

Boxborough:   https://149b4.wpc.azureedge.net/80149B4/impressly/cdn/files/8582f2f9-189c-4f92-990e-7ad698fed20e

Concord: https://www.concordma.gov/504/Christmas-Tree-Recycling

Stow: http://troop1stow.net/2019/10/30th-annual-holiday-wreath-sales-and-christmas-tree-pick-up-service/  



NO SERVICE THURSDAY 2/9/17 – Winter Storm

Winter Storm Closure.  On Thursday, February 9th our service area is expecting a winter storm which could bring 12 inches of snow.  Due to the safety risk to our employees and the community of trying to operate in the storm, we are CLOSING on Thursday, February 9th.  Our disposal site has notified us of their closure as well.
Mr. Trashman’s closure will affect customers on our Thursday routes in Stow, as well as our Friday customers in Acton and Boxborough.  To make up for our closure on Thursday, affected routes will be serviced 1 day late.
Normal Thursday customers will be serviced on Friday, February 10th.
Normal Friday customers will be serviced on Saturday, February 11th.
Customers with collection days of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will not be affected by our closure.
We appreciate all of your patience and understanding as we deal with the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Happy New Year from all of us at Mr. Trashman.  Now that the presents are put away and we’re all back to work (or school), we know you are wondering, “What do I do with this tree?”

Like yard waste, we do not pick up or dispose of Christmas trees simply because our dump does not take them.  But have no fear, below is a list of great options that might make you feel good in the process:

Acton:  Boy Scout Troops 5 and 1820 are picking up trees for a suggested donation of $15.  Pickup dates for 2017 are January 7 and January 14. Please visit:  http://treepickup.blogspot.com/

Boxborough:  The Boxborough Firefighters Association will be picking up Christmas trees on Saturday January 7, 2017, and residents will have the same options as in the past: drop off trees at the fire station for $5 or have the firefighters pick up your tree at your home for $10.  Visit http://www.boxborough-ma.gov/fire-department/webforms/christmas-tree-pickup-form to schedule.

Concord:  Trees may be brought to the Composting Site at 755 Walden Street (On Route 126, just across Route 2, before you reach Walden Pond.)  Please visit http://www.concordnet.org/504/Christmas-Tree-Recycling for dates and more information.

Hudson:  Boy Scouts are picking up trees in Hudson too.  Click here to learn more.

Southborough:  The Boy Scouts are busy here as well!  Call 508-485-4052 or email troop1trees@gmail.com.

Stow:  Boy Scout Troop 1 will pick up your tree for a $10 donation.  Learn more at http://www.wickedlocal.com/article/20111216/News/312169432.

Love these ideas but prefer to help the animals?  SpringDell Farm in Littleton will take your trees for free up until January 9 at their Annual Christmas Tree Critter Collection! Just drop it off in the pile on a day you swing by.    We hear the goats will be thankful!!!