Christmas Tree Disposal – The 2020 Edition

As a reminder, Mr. Trashman does NOT pick up any yard waste which would include Christmas Trees. As we know this could cause some of you stress, here are some options to help! (Please note, we have no affiliation to any listed below … this is us simply trying to make your life easier :))

Acton: Boy Scout Troop 1 and Troop 284: – 2021 Holiday Tree Pickup $15 suggested donation. Pick ups on January 9th and 16th. Acton residents only.

Bolton: The Bolton Fire Department will be doing a Christmas Tree pick up January 3 or 9. Suggested donation is $20: Christmas Tree Disposal – Bolton Volunteer Fire Association (

Boxborough: Boxborough Minutemen will once again be collecting trees on January 9 for $11. You must sign up by January 5: Christmas Tree Pickup — Boxborough Minutemen Company

Concord: Boy Scout Troop 132 is once again working with Catholic Youth Ministry to provide a tree pick up on January 9th for a suggestion donation of $20-$25. Concord residents only. Register here: Christmas Tree Pick Up – Jan 9, 2021 – Concord MA ( OR Drop off at the Concord Tree Composting Site Fridays and Saturdays in early January for free. Information can be found here: Christmas Tree, Styrofoam and Christmas Light Recycling | Concord, MA

Hudson: Boy Scout Troop 2: Christmas Tree Pickup | Troop 2 Hudson, MA ( $10 suggested donation and trees will be picked up on January 2 or 9

Littleton: The Littleton Fire Department will be doing a tree pick up on Saturday, January 3 for a suggested donation of $10. Christmas Tree Pickup Available on Sunday, January 3, 2021 | Littleton MA

Stow: Boy Scout Troop 1: Christmas Tree Pickup ( $15 suggested donation. Order must be in by January 4 for a pick up between January 15 and 17.

More information will be added if it becomes available … until then – happy holidays!

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